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July 17, 2019 - What is halotherapy? Everything you wanted to know about wet and dry salt therapy

You may be asking yourself, what is this thing? Or know of it but want to know more. Our friends at Select Salt put together a nice synopsis explaining what it is and the differences which is reprinted here. Halotherapy is relatively new to North America, but not in other parts of the globe. Many countries have utilized this benecial practice for more than nine centuries! Halotherapy literally means salttherapy when broken down into its parts. Halo is a derivative of the Greek word alas, meaning salt. Therapy of course refers to a form of treatment that is used for either physical or psychological purposes. Salt therapy treatment can take on two methods: dry or wet. The difference is based on the way salt is used. That said, both methods reap the same benefits to the user.

  • WET HALOTHERAPY. What is it? Wet halotherapy treatment combines raw salt minerals or crystals mixed with water. Have you ever heard the old adage that breathing ocean air opens the sinuses or improves health? Actually, this adage is based on scientic proof. The Lung Institute asserts that misty, salty ocean air improves conditions such as lung disease or cystic fibrosis. This is done, in part by thinning the mucus in the body and decreasing sinus pressure. Wet halotherapy treatment comes from the same principle of mixing water with salt to gain therapeutic benefit. Where did it originate? This application has been around as long as humans have harnessed the benefits of naturally occurring saline waters. These could be found in the Dead Sea and elsewhere. One of the first uses of wet halotherapy as a medicinal treatment comes from TWELFTH CENTURY POLAND. Here, bathers utilized naturally occurring salt mineral waters as a way to alleviate illness and ward off bad health. Wet halotherapy can take on many forms. Users can ingest salty water or soak in salt pools. Or they can breathe in salty air from nearby wet halotherapy sources, such as water cascades. How is it administered today? In modern-day salt caves, wet halotherapy is most often produced from water cascades in salt rooms or caves. Watercascades serve both form and function. For example, they are often included as an aesthetic feature in caves. And, they are constructed of soft wood, metals and raw salt bricks. Water is infused with salt, or it gently cascades over salt crystals, dispersing negative ions and minerals into the air. This air is then breathed through air passageways, opening up the lungs and airways, and producing therapeutic benefits. What is more, salt cascades are impactful, visual accents to any modern-day salt cave.
  • DRY HALOTHERAPY. What is it? Dry halotherapy uses salt minerals or crystals on their own, without the addition of water. Dry halotherapy relies on the dispersion of salt minerals into the air, which are absorbed into the body through inhalation. The natural, healthy ions and minerals contained within the saline crystals benefit the body. Furthermore, the beauty of the salt caves in which the dry halotherapy is administered produce a holistic wellness experience. Where did it originate? Naturally occurring salt caves are found through the world, with many open to the public. Some of the most famous caves are found in Europe. The most well known options are either the WIELICZKA SALT MINE in southern Poland or the HEALING SALT CAVERNS OF BERCHTESGADEN, Germany.How is it administered today? Modern salt caves are able to reproduce the microclimate of those naturally occurring caves by utilizing a machine called a halogenerator. Halogenerators, like those provided by Select Salt, act as diffusers. They consistently disperse the beneficial minerals and negative ions found in salt throughout a controlled environment. To benefit from this unique microclimate, one must simply enter a salt cave, relax and breathe deeply. This enables the body to inhale and absorb the salty richness of the air. The benefits of a salt cave If you go to the right place, you can combine these wet and dry halotherapy elements in a single treatment. Many spas and wellness centres that offer salt caves use halogenerators and water cascades in their construction. This creates an even richer salt environment to enjoy. It is a perfect way to soothe the body, mind and spirit while utilizing the many applications of halotherapy.

  • Stay salty, Arianne

  • July 10, 2019 - De-stress by releasing responsibilities

    Right? As I sit here mid-summer with my kids, this really rings true. They are at the ages now (14 and 11) where they do not need constant watching or camp or the filling in of time. But they do need to know what their responsibilities are and to do them. Not only does it help them grow to become a better adults but it takes stress away from me and from the demands on my time. I am guilty of helping out too much so it is my goal to change my ways — and theirs! It may take some struggles and require extra amounts of my time now (we are still working on my son's thank you cards for his birthday presents a month later) but, in the future, the plan is for it to become second nature. I hope. Please.

    Reprinted with permission from Permission Slips by Mary Vernal. A really great book that gives you topics to help you to see things in a new way, pursue your dream and never give up.

    Stay salty, Arianne

    July 3, 2019 - Dog Days of Summer - what it means and 8 tips on how to stay cool

    NOW it is the Dog Days of Summer! This is a traditional time period of 40 days that starts today and ends August 11th which coincides with the sunset rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. The ancient Egyptians used Sirius as a "watchdog" to signal possible flooding since the last time Sirius appeared was before the season of Nile's flooding. It is often associated with extreme heat and the most hot and sultry weather — although we can now see that in days outside of this time period. Sirius's rising, which happens in the middle, does not mean there is any added radiation or heat. The heat is actually a direct result of the Earth's tilt. During the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth causes the Sun's rays to hit at a more direct angle, and for a longer period of time through the day. So get ready for those longer, hotter days! How can you stay cool and not pant like your dog? Try these tips out:

  • 1) PEPPERMINT TEA has menthol which makes your insides cool and tingly. This can trick your body into feeling cold. Another interesting option, spray mint tea onto your skin! It does evaporative and mentholated cooling.
  • 2) GET A DEHUMIDIFIER to keep moisture down where you spend the most time. Humidity makes the heat feel worse so this will pull the moisture from the air and make it feel less muggy. And it helps make your air conditioner more efficient by removing the moisture from the air so your air conditioner does not have to cool and dehumidify it first.
  • 3) SOAK YOUR FEET IN COOL WATER to relieve the pulse points spots (where your blood vessels are close to the surface) so you cool down fast. Helps with any swelling too!
  • 4) WATER, WATER, WATER — drink at least ½ of your body weight in water. Use water to wet towels or place ice packs under your armpits, behind your neck and in your groin area when overheated.
  • 5) TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C. A research study at the University of Alabama found it can delay sweat gland fatigue with a dose as small as 250 milligrams.
  • 6) SWITCH SCENTS. Sandalwood smells nice and it is used in Ayurveda to lower your body temperature.
  • 7) TURN OFF LIGHTS IN YOUR HOME. Incandescent and some LED bulbs can produce heat when you are light your home. Plus you will save money!
  • 8) TAKE IN A SALT CAVE SESSION, where our temperature remains at 68-70 degrees inside the cave at the Salt Cave of Darien and you get the salt therapy (aka halotherapy).
  • Woof! Stay salty, Arianne

    June 26, 2019 - Stress relief - the Salt Cave and its benefits

    Hi! I'm Arianne, the owner of the Salt Cave of Darien. I'm also a wife, mom of a tween and teen (help me, ha, ha!), design consultant (a.k.a. cleaner), chief bottle washer... well, you get the idea. I opened the salt cave in 2017 as a direct response to stress from my original career as an attorney and from this whole balancing act. The luxurious salt cave has been my best, healthy mid-life crisis! This salt cave is the first of its kind in Darien, Connecticut. And I am so happy that I got into this business of bringing healthy and natural benefits to people like you. We've all heard about the problems of inflammation, especially as we get older, and one of the key benefits of salt is its strong anti-inflammatory properties. People who have respiratory issues can get relief when an inflamed area is reduced and the dry salt binds to mucous in the chest which you then expel out of your body. Arthritis can be helped by time in the salt cave because it reduces joint inflammation, allowing people to move around more easily and with less pain. Skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, are soothed as the salt stimulates the cell regeneration process and exfoliates the skin. I have eczema and rosacea and I've seen an improvement in my skin after spending time in the cave. But one of the biggest benefits I find is in easing stress. My stressful career had been causing me many nail-biter nights! I didn't want to keep living with stress and being frazzled with my kids who are at impressionable ages. Besides not being able to spend quality time with them, I was teaching them the wrong way to approach a job and letting stress to overwhelm me. I had a chance to visit a salt cave and then I went to visit the inspirational Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland to learn more about all the conditions that it can help. I will talk more about what I learned from the mine in the future but my research was all it took to convince me to open my own salt cave in 2017. The salt cave's beautiful, calming environment immediately makes me pause and appreciate the beauty. The colors are soothing and the light and sounds are peaceful. Once the salt works through my body and decreases my clenched system, I feel so much more relaxed. Harvard researchers, in their Woman's Healthy Study in 2010, found that women who have high stress levels in their jobs have a 40% higher risk of heart disease ( A scary number! It is my wellness intention to manage that stress and create a more peaceful environment for myself and those around me. I am excited for this new journey and so grateful to be able to share it with you. Stay salty, Arianne