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January 22, 2020 Meet Jennifer Duncan, our Yin Yoga teacher!

As we get ready to host our inaugural salt cave sleep over led by Jennifer - yes, that's right! A sleep over this Saturday night for people of all levels which will have Yin Yoga (slow moving yoga) and Yoga Nidra (laying still while listening) topped off with tea and cake! - it is a good time to meet Jennifer. Despite working full time in a hectic environment, she makes her class a calming and inspirational time. Learn how her New Year's resolution turned into a passion!

How did you get into yoga?

Jennifer: My new year's resolution for 2007 was to try something new each month. Yoga was on the short list of things I wanted to do but never made time to do. My gym offered yoga, I purchased a yoga mat, went to my first class and I haven't stopped.

You have a full time job that can get stressful. How do you handle it when you are at work?

Jennifer: Yoga has taught me how to "tune in". Tune into my breathing, to where I am holding unnecessary tension, to find the resistance. My office job became a place for me to practice mindfulness and the philosophy of yoga. I began to recognize that I could change my relationship to stress, learning to respond rather than react. Each morning I meditate and practice the physical postures of yoga before work.

If you could give one piece of advice to new yogis, what would it be?

Jennifer: To be patient, to trust the process, let go of the desire to compare and to allow the unfolding to happen naturally, in its own time.

At the beginning of your Yin Yoga class, you read an inspirational piece. How do you decide what you would like to impart?

Jennifer: I have gathered and continue to gather poems and quotes that speak to what I believe to be spiritual law and inspire me keep trudging through life's highs and lows. I sit quietly before each class and thumb through my collection and follow my intuition about what to read. My hope is that everyone that attends my class walks away feeling inspired and renewed.

If you were not you, who would you be?

At different times in my life I have wished I could be someone else, I have tried to be someone else, someone I thought I should be or what I thought others have wanted me to be.Today, I just want to be me, I like who I am, my values, beliefs and principles. I am always changing, growing and hopefully evolving to be the best me I can be. After all I was made to be me and no one else. I do have people I admire and respect that have qualities, like compassion, forgiveness, understanding, patience and tolerance, that I aspire to have more of.

Jennifer is doing the Salty Yoga Sleep over this Saturday and teaches Yin Yoga on Tuesday nights at 6:15 p.m.Stay Salty, Arianne

January 15, 2020 I am a work in progress!

In pursuit of my 20/20 focus for 2020, I wanted to come up with reasonable intentions to implement this year. Someone recently used the word "intentions" instead of "resolutions" which really works to ease any feelings of failure. And I also need to recognize that I am a work in progress. Such a freeing thought! I can continue to allow myself to change and to be comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. So I am ready!

I recently got a detox essential oil pack from Julie Punishill that I am excited to try. Utilizing essential oils and essential oil infused supplements, it is an easy enough program. My friend, Fiona, started it already and she said she loved the clarity and energy she got already after one week. TOTALLY what I need! With this cold weather (well, this week anyway!), coming off the holiday and along with work requirements, I will welcome it.

It is my intention to add one additional workout to my week. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. Studies have shown that even 10 minutes can have benefits. And maybe once I start, I could go for a little longer once those endorphins kick in.

So this is a good start for now. And the beauty is that I can add more intentions later in the year...because I am a work in progress.

Stay salty! Arianne

Reprinted with permission from Permission Slips from Mary Vernal, a great book that shows that you do have choices no matter how you may feel or what others have made you believe. Available in our shop.

January 8, 2020 The meaning of 2020

Tonight, our special event was led by Julie Punishill and I was able to partake. She first led with a meditation and then discussed about detoxing with specific doTERRA oils and tablets that I found fascinating. It is the meditation that I will talk about now as it really related to my theme of having "20/20 vision in 2020".

This was her message: 2020, with the numbers repeating, amplifies upon themselves exponentially. #2 calls the soul forward to duty, standing in the space, heart wide open. This brings harmony and balance to the inner and outer world. When in Balance and Alignment, the Soul's Purpose will drop in. Trust your intuition, you are more powerful than you know. #0 is a true power number. Holds unlimited potential of eternity, universal consciousness and life force, and pure flow in physicality and life essence. It is wholeness. Messages can turn your wildest dreams into reality. This is an invitation to listen to your heart and stand in your power. Do the work to actively manifest this in your life. The year 2020 is the beginning of a decade of change, of positive transition as well as the manifestation that will happen in the next decade. Like a major ocean current, it carries the momentum to grab you like a fish along for the ride. It is less of an effort to swim with the current of the manifesting and positive transition energy that is coming in.

Julie then invited us to imagine a picture that we paint of our 2020. For me, it was having quality family time, a smooth business and traveling. Even though my mind was bouncing around ("yeah, that! Oh, and this too!"), in the end, I really did get a picture that contained the goals that I mentioned. Some things were sharp in focus and some were blurred a little but I could feel the representation there. Now, the next step is to implement steps in which to work towards those goals. Wish me luck!

Stay salty! Arianne

About Julie: Besides leading thought provoking meditations, Julie is a life coach and doTERRA Essential Oils representative (and wow, does she knows her oils and the uses really well). She also does workshops at the Salt Cave of Darien monthly. Next workshop is "Passion in the Cave" on February 13th from 6:00 -7:30 ($45). Just in time for Valentine's Day.

January 1, 2020 Happy New Year!

Taking the time this week to assess and focus in on a clear 20/20 vision for 2020. We will be back next week with our blog. Enjoy your day!

December 25, 2019 Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

December 18, 2019 Meet Alison DeNicola! Yoga! Guided Meditation! Energy Healer! Coach! Writer! She forgot to add amazing person to her resume!

So excited to have the opportunity to ask our very own Alison DeNicola some questions to learn more about her. We already have the experience of her monthly sound bowls and meditation sessions but it was really great to learn more about how she was influenced to offer all that she does offer.

What motivated you to begin yoga and meditation?

Alison: I began to practice yoga in 1998 after my son Matthew was born. It was a class I attended at a local gym for women and the teacher introduced not only the physical postures but the breathing and meditative aspects of the practice. I loved the way I felt after class and started to pursue yoga more seriously as a student.

How did you learn to play the singing bowls and sound instruments you use during your meditation?

Alison: My first exposure to sound healing was through crystal bowls meditations that I attended in a private group. We would lie down and the teacher would play the bowls for about 15 to 20 minutes consecutively. The energy shift was amazing. I began to collect my own sound healing tools including Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, rattles and a set of crystal bowls. I have attended sound healing workshops and training classes focused on playing and using sound for healing. Much of what I do I learned through my own practice.

What is the best way to describe your energy healing to someone new to it?

Alison: I was drawn to energy healing practices through the many different modalities I had experienced as a client. Shamanic healing ( using earth based energy), Hypnotherapy and Yoga Nidra ( working with the subconscious mind), Sound Healing ( using sound to move energy), Feather and Crystal Healing ( using feather and crystals to move energy ) are just a few of the modalities I have studied and continue to study and actively use. Most importantly, all of these come together in a very intuitive way for me and allows me to work with clients and groups to provide the space and openings for them to reset, release and reclaim their energy. Individual sessions are usually a combination of hands on healing, guided meditation, feather and crystal work and sound.

You also pen inspirational messages on messenger card decks like Yoga Dog and Cat decks. What inspires you to find these messages?

Alison: I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to write inspirational card decks alongside positive images (such as Yoga Dogs and Yoga Cats) as well as the gorgeous art in 2 mudra decks. My newest card deck Divine Feather Messenger is centered around the idea of finding feathers as an inspiration and connection to spirit and nature. The writing is usually very much focused on healing, wellness, positivity and inspiration. My hope is to inspire those qualities in the lives of others. The words flow very naturally in the writing process and my intention is to be a positive "voice" for others.

If you were not you, who would you be?

Alison: I would be a perfumer in Grasse France creating beautiful fragrances and living amongst the lavender.

What is a word that you do not like?

Alison: From the standpoint of sound and idea I dislike the word "Unctuous".

You are in the middle of moving homes. What is the one piece of advice for others about to embark on a move?

Alison: After just packing up my home of 20 years, the advice I would give others is to pare down, evaluate your desire to accumulate, spend more time enjoying experiences rather than collecting trophies, gift things you are not using to others, use what you love and find contentment in the simple, authentic things. I realized that more than half of what I own had gone untouched, unused and unappreciated. I found a great sense of satisfaction giving things to others who really were in need.

We are excited to have Alison do her beautiful sound bowls and meditation monthly at the salt cave. Her next session is on January 16, 2020 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. $50.00. Reservation required and her class fills up quickly! Stay Salty, Arianne

About Alison DeNicola: Alison DeNicola is a local yoga & meditation teacher, energy healer and author. She has written 5 inspirational card decks centered around yoga, wellness and inspiration all published by US Games Systems. Inc. Alison leads meditation and sound healing classes and yoga workshops as well offering individual healing sessions in and around Fairfield county. You can visit her website at

December 4, 2019 Does salt therapy help?

It's that time of year again: the dreaded cold and flu season. Both the cold and the flu, which originate from different viruses, become more prevalent when temperatures drop. Why? People often spend increased time indoors, causing these viruses to spread more easily. Furthermore, a decrease in vitamin D, due to fewer sunlight hours in winter, also impacts the immune system. Ultimately, this makes people more susceptible to catching these nasty viruses.

Whatever afflicts you this season, be sure to consult your medical professional for the best road to recovery. Staying home and resting is key to feeling better once you've gotten sick. If you're at the stage where you're not quite in the throes of sickness, there are many steps you can take. Of course, washing your hands and avoiding large crowds are well-known prevention techniques. Moreover, many health professionals recommend getting the annual flu vaccination. And others argue that strengthening your immune system is a great way to bypass the viruses. If the virus is oncoming, there may also be ways to stop it in its tracks. Research suggests that taking a nice hot shower may provide relief for some of your symptoms. The same goes for breathing in menthol or eucalyptus oil from a bowl of steamy water. Both these methods share a similar principle to those of halotherapy, or salt therapy. This spa and wellness treatment encourages users to breathe healing properties deeply into their lungs. While you're still healthy, or if you're starting to just notice the beginning stages of a cold, you can enjoy salt therapy as a way to relieve congestion and inflammation. Just ask Vogue writer Lauren Lipton who swore that halotherapy stopped her burgeoning cold.

According to research from the New England Journal of Medicine: "Inhalation of hypertonic saline produces a sustained acceleration of mucus clearance and improved lung function. This treatment may protect the lung from insults that reduces mucus clearance and reduces lung disease." Simply put, breathing in the saline-rich environment of a salt room clears congestion by thinning mucus blocking the airways. Salt rooms use halogenerators and water cascades to disperse rich salt ions containing nutrients and minerals into the surrounding environment. These nutrients include calcium, magnesium and potassium, and carry various healing properties that are passed on to the user. Once absorbed into the lungs, these particles make their way throughout the body. They're great for dissolving blockages in the airways and lungs, clearing the sinuses and allowing for deeper breathing. Halotherapy has of course been credited for helping cold and flu sufferers. But it has also been recognized for alleviating symptoms in those suffering from asthma, allergies and even COPD. Furthermore, the tranquil and calming environments found in salt caves also have the added benefit of providing relaxation. And this can go a long way towards helping you improve your overall sense of wellbeing. That's why many health and wellness centres are adding salt therapy to their list of services. It gives them the opportunity to provide a holistic wellness approach. So, before you resign yourself to the fact that these common viruses will afflict you this winter, be sure to look to solutions like halotherapy to complement your physician-prescribed healthcare routine. You might finally see some relief from this year's cold and flu season.

The benefits of salt therapy are vast. Our clients have been experiencing some amazing results in the cave. For relief from colds and coughing, to breathing easier with nasal issues, for having more mental clarity and more. And, and it's relaxing - not a bad "side effect".

Stay salty, Arianne

Photo and material reprinted from the blog by Select Salt, Inc., a salt room construction company, see more at

Additional sources:

Version Weekly states that halotherapy "was developed after research, proved that the micro-climate in natural salt caves had a positive effect on respiratory health and skin." concludes, in their study, "the medicine based upon salt is partially confirmed by the fact that the halo-therapeutic practices still exist in Moldavia today", and "(t)his validity is also confirmed through the biochemical scientific analysis of these practices."

One study by the Journal of Aerosol Medicine, Vol. 8, No. 3 found that patients with respiratory diseases showed improved symptoms after 10 to 20 one hour salt therapy treatments.

Europe Pubmed Central produced a study that found that halotherapy helps improve those suffering from chronic bronchitis.

Yet another study by the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research concluded that halotherapy can help asthmatics who struggle with their symtoms during the night.

This study conducted by several licensed medical doctors concluded that halotherapy seemed to help asthmatic children between the ages of 12 and 13.

November 20, 2019 Meet Beth Leas! Besides being a transformative healer, Beth does tarot card readings, meditations and coaching.

I met Beth when I joined her holistic networking group, TLC Network. Her infectious laugh and positive attitude will make you smile. Beth is quick to give a listening ear and useful advice. Basically she is my "Queen of Cool" - find out more about Beth and who she thinks is Queen of Cool!

How did you you discover your ability to help people transform?

Beth: My life has been blessed with some pretty dark places. When I was a teenager I discovered the power of meditation to change my life - reducing stress, anxiety, depression. This simple daily practice radically transformed my life in many ways. One of the greatest benefits is that it helped me develop the ability to listen to my thoughts and my feelings - and to be a better observer. 30 years ago, when I started doing energy healing professionally, this skillset served to help me to connect more deeply with others and to be very effective in supporting their transformation through sharing powerful tools and observations.The way we see the world changes the way we interact with it. Wayne Dyer said " When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Simply put, I help people change the way they look at things - through energy healing, meditation, reflective writing and tarot. It's been a real honor to assist people on their healing journey - whether it's some physical project, or emotional pain or mental confusion. I often can see things more clearly than they can, because I have a different perspective. My job is to help them shift - turning their perceived obstacles into stepping stones. Rumi said "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." Healing is all about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the obstacles, all of the expectations, all of the beliefs that no longer serve you - and becoming who you are.

What is the best way to describe your transformative energy healing to someone who is new to it?

Beth: Energy healing is a part of ancient traditions such as traditional chinese medicine and yoga. We have rivers or highways of energy running through our bodies. Through the stresses of daily living - such as our environment, diet, habits, thoughts, beliefs - the flow gets obstructed or blocked causing discomfort or pain, physical symptoms, emotional frustration, spiritual disconnection. Energy healing is a process through which we get the energy pathways flowing freely - stimulating the body's innate ability to heal itself - and bringing about relaxation, relief from symptoms on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In my healing sessions, clients usually lie down fully clothed on a massage table. I have been trained in Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Integrated Energy Therapy - so your transformative healing session may be focused on one of those - or a combination. Energy healing is like cleaning your home. When you take really good care of yourself - getting good sleep, having work/home balance, eating well, exercising, nurturing your body, mind and soul - less maintenance is required - perhaps a monthly session to keep things flowing well. Seasonal changes are always a great time to receive a deep energy clearing. And when life is lobbing curve balls your direction, scheduling a series of sessions will help bring things into balance on all levels. You can also learn how to do energy healing for yourself! I teach all levels - from self-help to Master Level in which you to work with others professionally.

You founded the TLC Network group in 1997 which is comprised of health and wellness providers. You often refer to the group as a tribe. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the tribe?

Beth: There are so many lessons I have learned from Tribe TLC. The biggest is to be open to the possibilities! Over the past several decades, our network has grown and expanded. Originally we were primarily holistic practitioners in the Norwalk, CT area - naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, medical doctors, energy healers. That group has expanded into over 100 members - salt caves, artists, real estate brokers, yoga studios, financial advisors, wellness spas, retreat centers. 2019 has expanded Tribe TLC into Westchester County and 2020 promises to bring us to new places too! I am open to the possibilities!

If you were not you, who would you be?

Beth: Oh this is easy - Bonnie Raitt. She has always been one of my most favorite musicians. She is authentic as they come - honoring all the old-time blues musicians, great collaborator, super humble, triumphant over her demons, passionate environmentalist making a difference in this world. She is funky, sassy, sexy and soulful - and a bad-ass slide guitarist. She is the Queen of Cool! I would love to be her in my next life!

What word do you dislike?

Beth: "Can't" I can't stand it! Haha! It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. It's such a negative attitude - playing the victim, not open to the infinite possibilities. Where there's a will, there's a way. Often, when we say 'I can't' we mean 'I won't' or 'I don't want to.' Why don't we just say that?

- the end -

We are excited to have Beth come to the cave for the TarotScope Reading on December 5th at 7:00. Find out the path of your 2020 in this fun event by drawing 1 card each month for her to read. Beth also does tarot readings and energy work in our private salt room. Stay Salty, Arianne

About Beth Leas: "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." - Richard Bach

Throughout my extensive healing work over the past 30 years with adults and children of all ages, I have witnessed the amazing transformation of people embracing their inner strength. To facilitate transformation, I use 4 powerful tools: Energy Healing Meditation, Reflective Writing and Transformative Tarot. My down-to-earth sessions combine my gift of intuition with my personal practice of mindfulness, compassions and light-heartedness.

I believe I was brought into this world to share my gifts of laughter, my innate ability to hold a space energetically for my clients where deep transformative healing takes place, and my devotion to creating a strong community where 'the light of a single candle burns brighter in a gathering.'

I offer private sessions and readings via phone/skype and at offices in Norwalk and Stamford, CT. I teach a wide array of workshops and offer inspirational talks in the tri-state area.,

November 13, 2019 A gift for you and a gift for them

The holidays are coming up and Julie Punishill of doTERRA Essential Oils and I have been brainstorming on ways to make the perfect small gifts. While there is nothing wrong with going out and buying something, there is something special about giving a handmade gift to show much you appreciate that someone. These are perfect for teachers, co-workers, friends and others as they could use some well-deserved rest and relaxation. And you do too! So we have created an event on December 4th where you start off with a salt session for yourself. Rest and relax and breathe in the healthy salts for 45 minutes. Then be ready to decide what gifts you will make or grab ones that will be available for purchase. One of the items is the Himalayan Salt and Lavender Bath soak and the recipe is below. Hope to see you then to check out all of our great options!

Our event is on 12/11 at 5:00 to 7:00. As our gift to you, it is only $30.00. Each item you make or for purchase will be $5-$10. Reservations required at


epsom salt (about 1/2 cup for 1 small jar)

Himalayan salt (about 1/2 cup for 1 small jar)

lavender essential oil

fresh lavender sprigs

small mason jars


1. Pour Epsom salt and Himalayan salt into a small mixing bowl. Then sprinkle 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil into the salt mixture.

2. Crush the fresh lavender and sprinkle it into the mixing bowl. Mix ingredients well.

3. Pour mixture into mason jar and seal.

4. Decorate how you want.

Maybe you need to make another one for you. Enjoy!

Stay Salty, Arianne

November 6, 2019 Orange you glad to see me?

The benefits of color is a centuries old concept, the start of which was most likely attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who wrote a treatise on color called On Color. He is also credited with creating the first known color wheel designating four main colors to the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. Later, Newtown identified the ROYGBIV colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) that make up the visible spectrum.

Chromotherapy, an alternative medicine, is the science of using colors to adjust the energy fields in our body which are called chakras. The assumption is that when these are imbalanced, they then cause illness. The energy or intensity in specific colors heals an illness by rebalancing it which results in health and harmony. Further, each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration related to different physical symptoms.

Practitioners of ayurvedic medicine believe the body has seven "chakras", which some claim are spiritual centers, and are thought to be located along the spine. New Age thought processes associates each of the chakras with a single color of the visible light spectrum, along with a function and organ or bodily system.

The Salt Cave of Darien's cave-like atmosphere contains so many helpful colors. Unlike a plain room with salt accents that you will find elsewhere, you are enveloped and surrounded in the cave by many soothing colors. Orange, pink, yellow and red are woven throughout the room. Orange is considered to have a warm, cheering, non-constricting feeling. It seems to wrap you in a warm, welcoming embrace. A gregarious, fun-loving hue, it has a freeing action upon the body and mind, relieving repressions, stimulating the lungs, the respiration and the digestion. Pink is a reminder of the mother's womb, when we are enveloped in a calming and comforting pink. Strong pink acts as a cleanser, strengthening veins and arteries and activating and eliminating impurities in the blood stream. Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent color for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles. Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains). It brings warmth, energy and stimulation which are good for energy, fatigue and colds. Red energizes heart and blood circulation, it builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure.

So when you feel that calming effect begin when surrounded by the colors, remember that there is a reason!

Stay Salty, Arianne

October 30, 2019 - Excited to introduce Sarah Swanberg of Indigo Acupuncuture!

I had a chance to ask Sarah some questions - Sarah is such an inspiration and an amazing business woman! She started off in a shared space, continued to grow, recently moved into her own spacious and bright space and took on an associate, Nancy (pictured here). She is also an author, herbalist, women's health advocate, wife, mother to two adorable girls - whew, I am breathless!

What got you involved with acupuncture?

Sarah: I fell in love with acupuncture as a patient in my mid 20s. I loved the way I felt after treatments and was fascinated by the way that Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a balance of systems rather than segmented parts. My curiosity and desire to learn more led me to leave my job in the advertising industry and go back to school. It was definitely a huge leap, but I never questioned wether it was the right decision.

What is the best part of being in this practice?

Sarah: I really feel SO lucky to LOVE what I do. I really enjoy connecting with people and helping them untangle their health concerns. Every single day I see people improving and its so rewarding to be a catalyst on their journey.

What is the least favorite part of this practice?

Sarah: There really are not many downsides, but I would have to say insurance billing. Many of our patients fortunately have great benefits (we are out of network providers) but the hoops we sometimes have to jump through can be really frustrating.

What is the one memory that you would like to share of an acupuncture session whether it was an interesting event or something to make clear?

Sarah: I always explain to patients that acupuncture is not a magic bullet, it often takes several treatments to see results, but every once in a while it DOES feel like magic and someone will have dramatic improvements after one session. Sometimes thats getting pregnant, sometimes its a major reduction in chronic pain, and it usually accompanies the accusation that I am a witch doctor or there is something special in the needles! There is not by the way ;)

When did you decide to begin your own practice and why?

Sarah: There are not a lot of job opportunities for acupuncturists, most of us go into this knowing we will have to build a business from the ground up. Luckily, I really enjoy the business and marketing side of things. I always hoped to build a team of other practitioners, so when I got busy enough this year to bring on my associate, Nancy Byrne, it really felt like a dream come true!

What do you think is the top area of help?

Sarah: I always say that if your body can heal from it, acupuncture can help. I personally particularly enjoy working in women's health and fertility and have done a lot of extra training in these areas. Women can easily fall through the cracks of the conventional medical system, so it's rewarding to be able to help when no-one else can. Nancy excels at treating acute and chronic pain and emotional health, and our philosophies on health really compliment each other. We have a lot of patient crossover, and we both are passionate about giving practical advice and teaching self-help techniques that our patients can use outside the office.

You talked openly about your diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. How did you handle this knowledge?

Sarah: I was diagnosed at age 7, so in some ways I think it has been helpful that I do not have tons of memories of my life before type 1. This is a difficult disease to manage, but I've come to see it as something that makes me me. In many ways, dealing with a chronic illness allows me to relate to patients who are going through health struggles, and it also allows me to see the huge benefits of conventional medicine. I wouldn't be here without it!

If you had one path for your daughters, what would it be?

Sarah: I hope to instill in them a sense of curiosity about the world and hope that by example, I am teaching them the value of hard work and going after you dreams! I already see little entrepreneurial seeds sprouting in them, and it is really sweet.

What is your favorite word and why?

Sarah: Ooh good question! One word that I love is Bright - bright mind, bright smile, bright day - theres so much happiness wrapped up in one word!

Indigo Acupuncture now does services in our private room at the Salt Cave! Choose from acupucture or a facial acupuncture while getting your salt therapy! Stay Salty, Arianne

October 23, 2019 - BEWAILING + RELIEVE

BEWAILIEVE. v. expressing great disappointment over something with tears followed by a release from anxiety or distress. (sometimes one word just does not describe what is happening to you.)

Recently at work, I had a particular stressful day. Not from the salt cave! The environment there is much calmer and positive. As some of you may be aware, I am a real estate attorney as well. In that world, things are much more of a struggle and I have not found the balance I need yet.

This particular day was fraught with closing problem after closing problem and everyone needing something. So, while at my desk, I burst into tears and I did a quiet sob. I just felt such a build up to that moment that it seemed to be the only way for my body to react. What was interesting was the relief of pressure I felt right after it! It was like my mind said, ok, you acknowledged the frustration, now let it go. I was able to re-focus and get through the rest of the day. I even told a few people throughout the day when I said I am not going to lie. I already cried today but I am not sure if they believed me.

Turns out, it was just what the doctor ordered. According to a Tilburg University study (2002), women cry on an average of 3.5 times a month and men cry 1.9 times on average. There are three different types of crying and the one I experienced was emotional tears. The other types deal with the moisture version when you blink (basal) and when your eye is irritated (reflex).

Emotional crying has been found to be beneficial (Frontiers in Psychology study, 2014) which is why I experienced such a release right after. First off, I self-soothed myself when I calmed myself down and regulated my emotions. This in turn activated my oxytocin and endorphins which are the feel good chemicals. In addition, there are stress hormones and other chemicals in our tears that get released when we cry (The Ocular Surface, 2009). There is even some research to indicate that holding these emotional tears back can actually cause health problems like hypertension. So take advantage of this natural stress-reliever and pain-killer!

While crying in response to emotions is expected, if you find yourself frequently crying, it may be a sign of depression. Check with your doctor if it seems to happen for no apparent reason and it starts to affect daily activities.

So, bewailieving was very beneficial to me and I did not realize it. I will now welcome it — and keep a box of tissues on my desk.

Stay Salty, Arianne

October 16, 2019 - DIY Himalayan Salt Scrub

It may not be easy to find a non-irritating scrub to your skin that is also free of toxins. So make your own! For Wednesday Wellness, here is an easy receipe for a Himalayan Honey Salt Scrub sure to soothe your skin. The Himalayan salt will be exfoliating and detoxifying to the skin and it should not interfere with any of your other scents or products. The honey will be soothing on the skin and moisturizing. Enjoy!


2 cups of finely ground Himalayan salt

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

3 drops of your choice of essential oil (optional)

Containers needed: large bowl and spoon, microwavable dish, container for finished jar (glass recommended)

Directions: Pour the Himalayan salt into the large bowl. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave (do it in small increments so as not to overcook it). Once done, add the honey to the oil and slowly add the essential oil (if you are using it) until it smells good to you. Pour the complete mixture into the large bowl and combine it with the salt using the spoon. Once it cools, spoon the lovely scrub into the container and run to the shower/bath to try it out! Be sure to moisturize after the shower/bath in order to trap the moisture and benefits into your skin.

Stay Salty, Arianne

October 9, 2019 - Take it step by step

The beginning is the most important part of the work. Plato.

Do you get overwhelmed with your things to do list? I currently am experiencing that mired feeling. I feel I have to tackle the list head on and check the whole task off the list. Then I am disappointed when I am slogging my way through and I do not finish.

What I need to learn and do.... Take it step by step. When a task seems too overwhelming, it is best to break it down into manageable steps. This way, I can complete the small part of the task, feel like I accomplished something and move on to the next part. When I take it step by step, I can get to the top.

Stay Salty, Arianne

October 2, 2019 - Yoga Nidra: Stop struggling and just float

The term Yoga Nidra can be intimidating sounding. People often think that this is an actual yoga class that may have you try to twist into a tree or an eagle so they are nervous. In reality, yoga nidra is all done from a reclined chair and the amazing part is you do not do any of the work. A practioner does a guided meditation to bring you to this state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, similar to that feeling of being about to drop off to sleep but where you are still aware of your surroundings. Literally meaning yogic sleep,yogic is based on a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines which set you free and sleep — well, that is a really wonderful word that I love! — but it is more of a semi-sleep state. You are relaxed when you let go of everything which is how you feel when you are floating because you stopped struggling. Yoga Nidra asks you to simply let go.

What does it do for you? To begin with, one hour of yoga nidra is equal to a few hours sleep. It also helps you find your intention and begin to zero in on your calling. It is the most profound relaxation which helps rest, restore, de-stress and increase awareness. Coupled with salt therapy, it leaves you in a different state altogether while you breathe clearly.

I think I need to go sleep now!

Stay Salty, Arianne

We offer Yoga Nidra at the Salt Cave. This Sunday at 1:30 with Joy Hoffman is meant for a parent/guardian and their pre-teen/teen. This gives the student an opportunity to learn how to use imagery to de-stress and relax in face of the constant pressure our kids face. Hope you both can join us!

September 25, 2019 - Raise your hand if you experience stress. Me, too! Here is the why and how we should learn to handle it better.

We often are faced with challenges and bumps along the way in this thing called life. I have had some stressful days at my job as a real estate attorney that seemed to collide with something at home that bumped up against an obligation I needed to do, all while not thinking of how I have to still go food shopping and do this or that…. Sound familiar? The interesting thing is to know how this internal stress affects us.

Our ability to be resilient during a stressful or traumatic event is built into our body’s mechanisms. It is called the autonomic nervous system which contains two subsections. The first is the sympathetic nervous system which is known as the fight or flight response. If we are faced with stress, cortisol could be released into the bloodstream. Before this happens, it could be offset by the second subsystem, the parasympathetic system, that is for relaxation, digestion, and regeneration. When these two systems work together, they function in a rhythm that keeps you in good physical and mental health. But, as we all know, this is not always the case. Letting chronic stress and unresolved trauma go on too long will create an imbalance, thereby allowing the cortisol into the bloodstream. Although coristol does have have lot of good functions, it is also known as the stress hormone so, when it is off, it may affect weight, anxiety, and depression. It is important to find a way to handle stress in a quick way thereby bringing you back to a feeling of safety.

There are many ways to experience what this healthy response should feel like in a stressful moment. Practicing yoga is a restorative practice that has many poses and mantras that can help. Small needles in Acupuncture are placed into the body at points that can help it to decompress. Learning to meditate is another way to learn how to clear the mind and clear the negative feelings. CBD oil is another solution for some. When one ingests the CBD oil, it reacts with their system to keep calm. More on CBD another week! There are also progressive muscle relaxation techniques that allow you to feel what tension is in the body so you know when the real thing is starting. The Salt Cave of Darien offers all of these practices and products along with another great relaxer, salt therapy! Due to its anti-inflammation properties, it helps relax and calm the body.

So the bottom line is that we need to start finding ways to know when we feel stressed and turn it around on its head fast. We owe it to ourselves and our health.

Stay salty, Arianne

Picture from Count Your Rainbows.

September 18, 2019 - Meet Gilly, our salty yoga teacher, and her salty dog, Flash!

I had a chance to talk to our yoga instructor, Gilly, about her transition into yoga. Her reason behind her motivation is very interesting and inspiring! And you get to meet, Flash, her new dog!

You made the change late in life to yoga. What was your inspiration?

Gilly: I quit drinking 7 years ago and that inspired me to embark on an overall healthier lifestyle. Yoga is fantastic for recovery (I could go on and on here!). It has also given me access to a wonderful new community. I am constantly surrounded by inspiration now!

When confronted with a challenge, how do you handle it?

Gilly: We are always growing and rediscovering parts of ourselves. It is important to take a challenge and view it from multiple perspectives. The right path will eventually come to you.

If you could give one piece of advice to new yogis, what would it be?

Do not be afraid to be a beginner. Everyone was a beginner at one point. Just be where you are and grow at your own pace. It is an amazing journey but there is no destination.

If you were not you, who would you be?

Gilly: But I am me, everyone else is taken!

You recently got an adorable beagle dog. What is the best lesson that you have learned from Flash?

Gilly: He is a rescue beagle so he spent the first 2 years of his life in a veterinarian school for research. I love watching him see things for the first time, like when he first went to the beach. We should all look at things as a new experience. You appreciate life more.

Flash: Woof!!

Gilly teaches Yoga Flow, a class designed to take in your level of expertise, on Monday nights at 6:15 p.m. and she is available for private group classes. Stay Salty, Arianne

September 4, 2019 - 5 Reasons to have a Himalayan Salt Bath

Salt baths have been used medicinally for centuries. The 16th century Greek doctor, Paracelsus, declared that "brine is better than all the health spas arising out of nature". I love to take a bath every week so as to decompress, have a chance to read and have some alone time - if I miss it, I feel the difference! Just 30 minutes will do too since UCLA top heads. There is nothing I love more than putting salt into my bath so I looked into all its great benefits.

First off, research confirms that mineral baths, also known as balneotherapy, is a wonderful stress reliever. As Himalayan Salt has 84 essential minerals and nutrients, the hot water helps release those into the water for absorption through the skin which is known as dermal absorption. Ahhhh....

What?? You need more than that awesome reason??? Ok! The next reason is that we help detoxify our body through a process called reverse osmosis. This allows harmful toxins to be be pulled out of the body and magnesium and sulfates, necessary for our body.

The third reason is to ease aches and pains. Regularly bathing in a saline solution will alleviate pain when inflammation is reduced. Good reason to take a bath after a workout!

Some will love the fourth reason as it will help some sleep well. A 1997 Cornell Medical Center study points out that taking a bath in a hot tub would cause your body temperature to rise then go into a rapid cooling period once out. This process will relax and prepare your body for sleep.

The last reason relates to skin care. Those wonderful minerals can become a protective barrier to hold in the body's hydration. Your skin is less likely to become wrinkly after soaking for awhile.

These reasons sounds so divine.... I better go run a bath. Hope you have the chance to do so weekly too!

Stay Salty, Arianne

August 28, 2019 - Be aware of "reality"

Do not let reality ruin your life. Funny statement, right? But saw this on a recent crossing by foot on the Williamsburge Bridge that gave me pause. What does it mean though?

Considering that people give "real" updates, the question is, how "real" are they? With so many programs and photo filters, it is easier now than ever to alter the look of their life. People only present their vision — ahem, version — of life. I know of people that only show the happy version but fail to update their viewers on the not-so-happy updates. The overall lesson is to examine any posting with a cautious eye — except for my picture — it is real, ha!

Stay Salty, Arianne

August 21, 2019 - Ready, Set, Grill!

As we move towards the end of summer (say what?) and Labor Day, there will be a mad rush to get some grilling in. A wonderful and different way to grill is using a Himalayan salt tile. This tile is so great and versatile that it can be used on the stove top and in the oven too! The benefit of cooking with this tile is that it transfers the wonderful 84 elements and minerals contained in Himalayan salt onto your food. It is also a safe vessel for your food instead of aluminum and plastic. Many also claim to feel energetic due to its ancient origin as it has had the most time to absorb the Sun and the Earth. Plus it looks so pretty and can also be used as a serving tray. It will be sure to complement your food in taste and look.

A simple chicken recipe is to use the salt tile as a press. Also known as Pollo al mattone (mattone is a heavy tile in Italian), this simple cooking method brings the food in contact with the grill uniformly. The outside gets crisped while the inside remains moist. To begin, you need to prepare and heat your salt tile according to its directions. It is important to use the tile correctly in order to maintain the life use of it.

While waiting for it to warm, take your chicken breasts and coat it with some olive oil and rub with the cut sides of garlic cloves. Place the chicken on the grill and then place a hot salt block on top of them to press them down (use grill gloves or thick oven mitts). Close the lid and cook until the chicken is grill marked, about 15 minutes depending on the thickness. Then flip the chicken and place the salt tile back on top of the chicken, close the lid and cook until a thermometer reads 170 degrees, 10 to 15 minutes. When it is cooked through, remove the chicken from the grill and salt blocks, let it rest for 5 minutes and then cut it into parts. Drizzle with lemon juice and serve on a salad, rice or as the main dish.

Now hit that grill and enjoy a delicious meal! Season your life!!! Stay and Grill Salty, Arianne

August 14, 2019 - Beach sense

This past week was spent on vacation at the beach in Rhode Island with my family and some of our friends. Being on vacation is always nice, of course, but being surrounded by the beach elements has always felt very calming. It got me to thinking on the reasons why this happens with our mind and body. Here are some interesting reasons on how it affects our four senses.

Smelling salt air can contribute to your soothed state. You know I had to mention salt air!! It has been established as a great healer of the respiratory system. The air has tiny beads of sea water enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements which is dispersed into the air by wind and waves. According to Richard Shuster, PsyD, clinical psychologist, beach air near waterfalls and ocean have oxygen atoms with an extra electron making them negative ions (NBC Universal, July 29, 2017) which help calm and relax.

The sound of the ocean can put us in a blissful state of calm with its repetitive, undulating sound. This activates our parasympathetic system which calms our inner selves. It is often why it is a top choice for sound machines used for sleeping.

The color blue, of course, is known for its association with calm, peace, security and relaxation. Staring at the blue ocean can put us in a mild meditative state as it actually changes our brain waves. It makes us calm and open. Blue is known as the most popular color.

Touching the sand is a very pleasing tactile sensation and a natural exfoliation tool. It can actually calm you down as you let it run through your fingers and toes. The salt water is good for your skin with the magnesium which benefits the elasticity and appearance.

So the beach can affect the four senses in the most pleasing way. Being near any body of water has many health benefits for mind and body that scientists call "blue space". I am happy to report that I was very blue this vacation!

Stay Salty, Arianne

August 7, 2019 - Take Time for Myself

This week, my blog will be short because I am taking time for myself! Ha! We are leaving for a nice family vacation shortly and I am really looking forward to relaxing. Normally my trip would be to a new location and I would try to cram in all of the sights for maximum exposure. This is our annual beach trip and I already have had maximum exposure to the sights. I will know when to relax and when to gear up to move. And this year, we are bringing our nephew along for his first time so it will be exciting to go visit some of the tourist spots and landmarks through fresh eyes.

So hope you all can find a little opportunity to do it for yourself. Whether it is from reading a book for 10 minutes to getting away to making that next move in Words With Friends, do carve out a little time for yourself. It is so important in order to reset.

Stay Salty, Arianne

Reprinted with permission from Permission Slips by Mary Vernal. A really great book that gives you topics to help you to see things in a new way, pursue your dream and never give up.

July 31, 2019 - Earth, Water, Fire and Air — not a rock band but these elements rock!

The ancient Greeks inspired so much — including uncovering the benefit of salt for health, for one! — and they introduced the physical elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, later supported by Aristotle. They believed that the world is composed of these elements and that it is essential to life. To bring balance, these elements should be incorporated. What are some great ways to incorporate these elements into your life?

Our very own Sound Bowl and Meditation Artist, Alison DeNicola, wrote an article recently on two practices that use these elements and help "awaken the magic" (Natural Awakenings, Jan 2019). Yoga, a wonderful practice, incorporates moves embodied in five elements. These movements allow you the "ability to calm the mind and to begin the journey of uncovering the inner landscape" within you and becoming more intuitive.

Alison also goes on to discuss Tarot as another way to tap into your intuition. This system of cards, most commonly 78, represents the archetypes and symbols of an individual's personal journey. The suits in the cards embody these elements as well — cups equal water, pentacles are earth, swords are air and wands equal Fire. When you meditate on these images, you can "access powerful information about our own intuitive nature".

Another way to incorporate the elements is through the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. It is even in the name as Feng is Chinese for wind and Shui is for water. Shapes and materials can represent these elements which should be placed in every room to balance each other and make for a calming atmosphere.

Try bringing these elements into your imagery during meditation as another option. This will allow you to harmonize your relationship with nature. Picture that night sky for air or a candle for fire. Seeing this in to your mediation often will allow you to explore and understand to the entire universe.

Enjoy finding ways to incorporate these elements into your everyday life! Stay Salty, Arianne.

Alison DeNicola is our sound bowl and meditation master and she does monthly events at the Salt Cave so be sure to join us for this amazing event!

July 25, 2019 - How I paid $1 for my gratitude!

”Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone” Gertrude Stein. Recently I was at the gym, when I went to the water fountain. I overheard a dad with his son at the nearby vending machines. They were trying to purchase something but the machine only took a dollar and he did not have any. I stopped and dug out a dollar to give to them. I will admit — I wasn't paying attention at first, then I thought I was too busy because I had to meet the rest of my family and then I stopped the nonsense in my mind. Of course I had time to dig out a dollar, for goodness sake!

When I handed that dollar to the dad, he, resisted at first, then profusely thanked me, his son thanked me and he told me that he would pay me back somehow. The effusiveness of their gratitude was overwhelming and heartfelt. I left feeling so upbeat and it put a smile on my face for when I joined my family which led to a fun afternoon. So Gertrude really was on to something. What if that dad just took my money with a quick ”thanks”? I would have felt like I did something nice and then moved on. But his reaction over something simple did more — it made me feel GOOD about the fact that I stopped myself and took the time to help — solidifying that it is worth it to pay it forward and no gesture is too small. I teach my kids to say thank you, and I practice it myself, but it is this genuine, heartfelt thanks that I am going to start working on next. To tell this stranger, family member, friend, that I appreciate them. And all actions will not all get this particular big reaction but it is ok. I will believe that they appreciated it and it will bring that warm feeling back to me. So, I really want to thank you and I appreciate your taking the time to read my blog! It means a lot because you took some time out of your busy day.

Stay Salty, Arianne

July 17, 2019 - What is halotherapy? Everything you wanted to know about wet and dry salt therapy

You may be asking yourself, what is this thing? Or know of it but want to know more. Our friends at Select Salt put together a nice synopsis explaining what it is and the differences which is reprinted here. Halotherapy is relatively new to North America, but not in other parts of the globe. Many countries have utilized this benecial practice for more than nine centuries! Halotherapy literally means salttherapy when broken down into its parts. Halo is a derivative of the Greek word alas, meaning salt. Therapy of course refers to a form of treatment that is used for either physical or psychological purposes. Salt therapy treatment can take on two methods: dry or wet. The difference is based on the way salt is used. That said, both methods reap the same benefits to the user.

  • WET HALOTHERAPY. What is it? Wet halotherapy treatment combines raw salt minerals or crystals mixed with water. Have you ever heard the old adage that breathing ocean air opens the sinuses or improves health? Actually, this adage is based on scientic proof. The Lung Institute asserts that misty, salty ocean air improves conditions such as lung disease or cystic fibrosis. This is done, in part by thinning the mucus in the body and decreasing sinus pressure. Wet halotherapy treatment comes from the same principle of mixing water with salt to gain therapeutic benefit. Where did it originate? This application has been around as long as humans have harnessed the benefits of naturally occurring saline waters. These could be found in the Dead Sea and elsewhere. One of the first uses of wet halotherapy as a medicinal treatment comes from TWELFTH CENTURY POLAND. Here, bathers utilized naturally occurring salt mineral waters as a way to alleviate illness and ward off bad health. Wet halotherapy can take on many forms. Users can ingest salty water or soak in salt pools. Or they can breathe in salty air from nearby wet halotherapy sources, such as water cascades. How is it administered today? In modern-day salt caves, wet halotherapy is most often produced from water cascades in salt rooms or caves. Watercascades serve both form and function. For example, they are often included as an aesthetic feature in caves. And, they are constructed of soft wood, metals and raw salt bricks. Water is infused with salt, or it gently cascades over salt crystals, dispersing negative ions and minerals into the air. This air is then breathed through air passageways, opening up the lungs and airways, and producing therapeutic benefits. What is more, salt cascades are impactful, visual accents to any modern-day salt cave.
  • DRY HALOTHERAPY. What is it? Dry halotherapy uses salt minerals or crystals on their own, without the addition of water. Dry halotherapy relies on the dispersion of salt minerals into the air, which are absorbed into the body through inhalation. The natural, healthy ions and minerals contained within the saline crystals benefit the body. Furthermore, the beauty of the salt caves in which the dry halotherapy is administered produce a holistic wellness experience. Where did it originate? Naturally occurring salt caves are found through the world, with many open to the public. Some of the most famous caves are found in Europe. The most well known options are either the WIELICZKA SALT MINE in southern Poland or the HEALING SALT CAVERNS OF BERCHTESGADEN, Germany.How is it administered today? Modern salt caves are able to reproduce the microclimate of those naturally occurring caves by utilizing a machine called a halogenerator. Halogenerators, like those provided by Select Salt, act as diffusers. They consistently disperse the beneficial minerals and negative ions found in salt throughout a controlled environment. To benefit from this unique microclimate, one must simply enter a salt cave, relax and breathe deeply. This enables the body to inhale and absorb the salty richness of the air. The benefits of a salt cave If you go to the right place, you can combine these wet and dry halotherapy elements in a single treatment. Many spas and wellness centres that offer salt caves use halogenerators and water cascades in their construction. This creates an even richer salt environment to enjoy. It is a perfect way to soothe the body, mind and spirit while utilizing the many applications of halotherapy.

    Stay Salty, Arianne

  • July 10, 2019 - De-stress by releasing responsibilities

    Right? As I sit here mid-summer with my kids, this really rings true. They are at the ages now (14 and 11) where they do not need constant watching or camp or the filling in of time. But they do need to know what their responsibilities are and to do them. Not only does it help them grow to become a better adults but it takes stress away from me and from the demands on my time. I am guilty of helping out too much so it is my goal to change my ways — and theirs! It may take some struggles and require extra amounts of my time now (we are still working on my son's thank you cards for his birthday presents a month later) but, in the future, the plan is for it to become second nature. I hope. Please.

    Reprinted with permission from Permission Slips by Mary Vernal. A really great book that gives you topics to help you to see things in a new way, pursue your dream and never give up.

    Stay Salty, Arianne

    July 3, 2019 - Dog Days of Summer - what it means and 8 tips on how to stay cool

    NOW it is the Dog Days of Summer! This is a traditional time period of 40 days that starts today and ends August 11th which coincides with the sunset rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. The ancient Egyptians used Sirius as a "watchdog" to signal possible flooding since the last time Sirius appeared was before the season of Nile's flooding. It is often associated with extreme heat and the most hot and sultry weather — although we can now see that in days outside of this time period. Sirius's rising, which happens in the middle, does not mean there is any added radiation or heat. The heat is actually a direct result of the Earth's tilt. During the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth causes the Sun's rays to hit at a more direct angle, and for a longer period of time through the day. So get ready for those longer, hotter days! How can you stay cool and not pant like your dog? Try these tips out:

  • 1) PEPPERMINT TEA has menthol which makes your insides cool and tingly. This can trick your body into feeling cold. Another interesting option, spray mint tea onto your skin! It does evaporative and mentholated cooling.
  • 2) GET A DEHUMIDIFIER to keep moisture down where you spend the most time. Humidity makes the heat feel worse so this will pull the moisture from the air and make it feel less muggy. And it helps make your air conditioner more efficient by removing the moisture from the air so your air conditioner does not have to cool and dehumidify it first.
  • 3) SOAK YOUR FEET IN COOL WATER to relieve the pulse points spots (where your blood vessels are close to the surface) so you cool down fast. Helps with any swelling too!
  • 4) WATER, WATER, WATER — drink at least ½ of your body weight in water. Use water to wet towels or place ice packs under your armpits, behind your neck and in your groin area when overheated.
  • 5) TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C. A research study at the University of Alabama found it can delay sweat gland fatigue with a dose as small as 250 milligrams.
  • 6) SWITCH SCENTS. Sandalwood smells nice and it is used in Ayurveda to lower your body temperature.
  • 7) TURN OFF LIGHTS IN YOUR HOME. Incandescent and some LED bulbs can produce heat when you are light your home. Plus you will save money!
  • 8) TAKE IN A SALT CAVE SESSION, where our temperature remains at 68-70 degrees inside the cave at the Salt Cave of Darien and you get the salt therapy (aka halotherapy).
  • Woof! Stay Salty, Arianne

    June 26, 2019 - Stress relief - the Salt Cave and its benefits

    Hi! I'm Arianne, the owner of the Salt Cave of Darien. I'm also a wife, mom of a tween and teen (help me, ha, ha!), design consultant (a.k.a. cleaner), chief bottle washer... well, you get the idea. I opened the salt cave in 2017 as a direct response to stress from my original career as an attorney and from this whole balancing act. The luxurious salt cave has been my best, healthy mid-life crisis! This salt cave is the first of its kind in Darien, Connecticut. And I am so happy that I got into this business of bringing healthy and natural benefits to people like you. We've all heard about the problems of inflammation, especially as we get older, and one of the key benefits of salt is its strong anti-inflammatory properties. People who have respiratory issues can get relief when an inflamed area is reduced and the dry salt binds to mucous in the chest which you then expel out of your body. Arthritis can be helped by time in the salt cave because it reduces joint inflammation, allowing people to move around more easily and with less pain. Skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, are soothed as the salt stimulates the cell regeneration process and exfoliates the skin. I have eczema and rosacea and I've seen an improvement in my skin after spending time in the cave. But one of the biggest benefits I find is in easing stress. My stressful career had been causing me many nail-biter nights! I didn't want to keep living with stress and being frazzled with my kids who are at impressionable ages. Besides not being able to spend quality time with them, I was teaching them the wrong way to approach a job and letting stress to overwhelm me. I had a chance to visit a salt cave and then I went to visit the inspirational Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland to learn more about all the conditions that it can help. I will talk more about what I learned from the mine in the future but my research was all it took to convince me to open my own salt cave in 2017. The salt cave's beautiful, calming environment immediately makes me pause and appreciate the beauty. The colors are soothing and the light and sounds are peaceful. Once the salt works through my body and decreases my clenched system, I feel so much more relaxed. Harvard researchers, in their Woman's Healthy Study in 2010, found that women who have high stress levels in their jobs have a 40% higher risk of heart disease ( A scary number! It is my wellness intention to manage that stress and create a more peaceful environment for myself and those around me. I am excited for this new journey and so grateful to be able to share it with you. Stay Salty, Arianne