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WE ARE OPEN!!! We hope everyone is doing well! Please direct all inquiries during this time of COVID-19 to us by text at 203-658-7667 (preferred) or email at or book your appointment online.

We are offering a special price of $30.00 per session in consideration of this time so please check it out on the home page.

Our online shop is still open! And we can door deliver our products to make you salty with a $25 minimum within 15 miles of Darien

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We have some online offerings for you to enjoy during this time of COVID-19. Please click here:

We will keep our complimentary YouTube offerings available: Click here

SPECIAL EVENT: FIVE ELEMENTS RESTORATIVE YOGA includes the healing combinations of Salt, Reiki, Essential Oils, Mudras and Mantras with Carol Shwidock of Harmony Yoga, July 26th at 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Restorative Yoga turns on the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic Nervous System! Reduced Stress happens by lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, quieting the mind, enhancing immune system, improving digestion and inviting the body/mind/spirit to be gently supported over the props. Halotherapy or Salt therapy facilitates the same Relaxation Response so by combining these 2 healing practices you are guaranteed to Relax More, and the effects linger. CAROL SHWIDOCK MA OTR RYT, a yoga therapist, has been teaching Kripalu Yoga for 16 years at Harmony Yoga Studio in Stamford, CT. Carol has many certifications including Five Elements Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Reiki Master and is currently studying Zen Yoga and Chinese Medicine. She was an Occupational Therapy for over 25 years. Her healing hands will guide you gently into the Earth.

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