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Salt Cave of Darien
Salt Cave of Darien

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Special Events

RESTORATIVE AERIAL FUSION CLASS WITH VEGA AERIAL FITNESS + WELLNESS! March 18th at 6:00pm -7:15pm, 7:30pm-8:15pm $65 SOLD OUT! TEXT US AT 203-658-7667 to be put on the wait list

Join our VEGA Restorative Aerial Fusion class and experience gentle stretching, deep relaxation + release tension in the body + mind while getting salt therapy! In this class, we will use Aerial Hammocks and meditative environment to support slow movements + longer holds of Restorative nature, Yin yoga poses, opening the body, allowing the muscles to relax, nourishing the body's fascia + connective tissue. Hips, pelvis, inner thighs + lower spine especially benefit from this slow practice. Let the Aerial Hammock be your cloud of BLISS! NOW LIMITED TO 4 SPOTS (recent CT protocols) so don't wait! Please bring a yoga mat, white towel, wear white socks and a mask (must be worn at all times).

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SPECIAL GROUP EVENT: Reiki Qigong Fusion Offering With Salt Therapy with Jessica and Ian Gelman - March 27th at 11:00am -12:00pm $50

This group Reiki Qigong Fusion session reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and creates an overall sense of serenity and enlightenment within. Reiki is a Japanese practice that channels the flow of life force energy through the hands. Medical Qigong is a hands on Chinese practice that unblocks the stagnant Qi and allows the universal life force energy to flow more freely. While breathing the benefic salt, this Reiki Qigong Fusion treatment combines three healing modalities for your session.

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Lisa as an energy worker and Reiki Master practitioner, who channels the angelic realm, the deceased and numerical intuitive messages for people. Reiki is a Japanese technique for health and healing. The experience feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you, which treats the body, mind and soul.

Annalisa is a channeler who channels Mother Mary and the heavenly realm, including all saints, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and spirit guides. She also connects with loved ones and animals who have crossed over, and are living. You may bring a photo of a passed loved one and/or animal to connect with.

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SPECIAL ZOOM EVENT: Qigong Offering With Medicine Woman Vasiliki of Teaching Spirit - March 22nd at 6:00pm - 6:45pm

PROJECTED LIVE FROM THE SALT CAVE TO THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: Take charge of your health. Alleviate pain stress, burn calories effortlessly. Scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, sharpen the mind, strengthen the heart and circulatory system, eliminate stress and elevate your state of mind. Start a practice that sustains peace, strength and stability in your life. Heal and strengthen from the inside out. Increase your vitality, boost your ability to fight off negativity and illness, and create inner harmony. Vasiliki is the visionary and sage behind Teaching Spirit Retreat Centers. An intuitive healer, mother, and spiritual leader. She is a multi faceted individual who has transformed her entire being through profound teachings and life experiences. With her uncanny ability to use her natural born gifts and innate wisdom to balance all aspects of life, she freely shares love, light, and service. Schedule with Vasilikiat least 1 hour prior to the event.

Please text Vasiliki at 914-243-0957 for zoom instructions

SPECIAL EVENT: IV Therapy With Salt Therapy provided by Restore Hyper Wellness at the Salt Cave of Darien - March 27th - by appointment only; prices vary (see description)

Approximately 75% of Americans are in a state of chronic dehydration. Proper hydration is essential for digestion, detoxification of the liver and kidneys, and waste removal. IV Therapy, coupled with salt therapy, is the perfect way to ensure your body is given the essential nutrients it needs and delivered by a nurse. Drip options: Radiant IV Drip (2 vitamins) A great detox and antioxidant with Vitamin C + Glutathione $180; The New Myers IV Drip (4 vitamins) Support Immune Function, promote general wellness and better equip your immune defenses with B-complex + double dose of vitamin C + Trace elements $225; The Immunity Booster (7 vitamins) Support immune function + prevent with B-Complex + double dose of vitamin C + Vitamin D + Taurine + trace elements + glutathione $364

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SPECIAL EVENT: Private Stretch With Salt Therapy provided by Restore Hyper Wellness at the Salt Cave of Darien - April 3rd - by appointment only; $95/1 hour

More than assisted stretching, your mobility specialist will help you understand your body. You will feel unplugged from any stress and should feel immediate relief. You can potentially reduce the risk of injury, especially sprains and strains. Coupled with salt therapy, you will leave so relaxed! 45 mins stretch time plus an additional 15 mins of salt therapy (60 mins total).

Please text us at 203-658-7667 to schedule