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Licensed Massage Therapists and Energy Work Providers


Choice of essential oils during your massage


Remaining portion in bottle to take home. With 25 mg of CBD, the oil is excellent for topical use as there are more nerve receptors in the epidermis and dermis than anywhere else in the body and it should provide the relief needed)





Licensed Massage Therapists

Jason Salt Cave


Jason graduated from the renowned Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1999. His expertise is intuitively understanding where blockage is in one's body and works to release that blockage. Jason specializes in Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Myofacial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Prenatal Massage. His work is medical in style, experience gained from when he worked closely with chiropractors for 8+ years. Jason's goal is to open up the joints, increase the suppleness of the muscles, tendons and ligaments by intuitively finding areas of the body that need to be opened. Jason uses multiple modalities to bring harmony into the client's body and soul.
Arnela Salt Cave


Arnela is a licensed Massage Therapist and graduate of The Swedish Institute College of Health Health and Sciences in NYC. Arnela has practiced massage therapy for over 20 years and specializes in Swedish, Prenatal and Deep tissue Massage as well as foot reflexology massage and Myofascial Release (MFR). She has learned over the years that that best massage is given when she listens to her client's body, taking her time, staying focused and connected throughout the treatment. Her goal is to have each client achieve rest and rejuvenation after their treatment.
Anna Salt Cave


Anna graduated from the massage therapy school at CCMT in Westport in 2009. She has worked at a Westport place for over 10 years. Anna is passionate about her job helping people with their physical pain and also emotional pain.
Christina Salt Cave


Christina has been working as a massage therapist for the last 15 years. She specializes in Swedish,Pre Natal, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue massage and Reflexology. Christina recently started incorporating her passion of mindfulness into her massage sessions which has not only transformed her, but also the experiences of my clients.
Denise Salt Cave


Denise is a Licensed Massage Therapist with 7 years of experience in the field. She has an affinity for holistic living and she is also a Reiki Master. This energy work is incorporated into all of her sessions. Denise also specializes in essential oil applications and myofascial release. Her degree is from the New York College of Health Professions in New York.

Energy Work Providers

Beth Salt Cave


Beth believes she was brought into this world to share her gifts of laughter, her innate ability to hold a space energetically for clients where deep transformative healing takes place, and her devotion to creating a strong community where 'the light of a single candle burns brighter in a gathering." Services offered: Tarot card reading, meditation, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu.


Alison has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for the past 17 years with deep gratitude for every experience. Certified in yoga, meditation, energy healing and hypnotherapy, she has been guided to assist clients and students to create space for their own innate healing ability. Services offered: Sound Therapy, meditation.
Kelly Salt Cave


Kelly is a healer in every sense of the word, holding sacred space for everyone she meets. She has dedicated her life to be a mirror, reflecting to those in her presence the Light that lies within us all. She is a soul coach, intuitive artist and sound healer, weaving the colorful threads of Light, as WE ALL ARE. Her desire is to activate your inner alchemist and empower you to live a life filled with presence and love.  Services offered:  Sound bowls, Meditation, Harmonic Portraits 


Lisa's healing arts journey started shortly after an automobile accident which left her fighting for her life. She was declared clinically dead and remained in the critical care unit on life support for many months at Stamford Hospital.  It was during this time that she opened her mind up to the Divine and welcomed heavenly guidance to ensure her recovery. She realized that there was a power bigger than her. As a result of her miraculous recovery, she has been inspired to assist in healing others emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Services offered: Reiki, Angel Writings
annalisa channeler angels loved ones and animals


Annalisa is a Channeler, Reiki Master/Teacher Ordained Minister with the Order of Melchizedek, and a Certified Crystal Healer. Annalisa is a channeling medium who works mostly with angels, saints, and ascended masters to receive messages that are of the highest and greatest good for her clients. She is also able to connect with and channel loved ones who are both living and departed, as well as animals who are both living and departed. Her divine purpose is to assist in facilitating whatever healing is needed to help someone on their journey. She is available for private readings.  Services offered: Channeling, Intuitive Readings, Reiki
Jessica and Ian Salt Cave


Both have a passion for helping others. They both came together and joined forces by incorporating Reiki and Qigong into one energy healing session. They discovered how powerful and healing the art was when they worked on each other. They were excited about feedback from their clients and they began doing healing circles together. They found that this universal energy modality incorporating Reiki and Qigong is extremely powerful for both of them as well as their clients. Services: Qigong Reiki Fusion, Reiki.


Diane is the founder of Grounded Meditation and a successful NYC Real Estate attorney who realized years ago that she needed something to help balance the stress and chaos of her busy and demanding career. A lifelong interest in health, fitness and spirituality drew her into the world of meditation and yoga where she found that these peaceful practices served to counteract the constant stress of practicing law. Her passion for these disciplines, paired with the desire to help others, has naturally led her to teaching, and she feels honored and blessed to be in a position to help her students find balance and quiet in their own lives. Diane has been teaching for about ten years and has been fortunate to be able to share her knowledge with students in both the private and corporate world.  Services offered:  Sound bowls, meditation, yoga and tapping.
diane nicosia reiki chakra meditation cardsangel


Diane is a certified life coach with an intuitive sense for people. After having earned an MBA and over 30 years in business as a marketing executive , she fulfilled her dreams by using her abilities to help people clarify and achieve their goals.

Diane believes your happiness is important—found through Reiki, a energy healing treatment that works holistically on the whole body, mind, and spirit or meditation.  Services offered:  Reiki, meditation, Chakra insights and wellness coaching.


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