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Vaccination Celebration! While they get rolled out, it will be so delightful to take your get-together inside our immunity boosting & anti-viral Himalayan salt cave!


75 mins
Additional services like Reflexology, Wine Tasting, Yoga & Stretch.

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  • I enjoyed my time there. found it very relaxing. Staff is definitely very professional and communicated very well on how to best enjoy the relaxation treatment. DR

    Ok!!!! So I am turning you all on to my current OBSESSION!!!! 

    I suffer badly from multiple sinus/allergy issues, vertigo, etc... I have found something that I swear by! I have been going to a salt cave and I find it therapeutic and miraculous. I feel amazing and my sinuses have never been this opened up and my energy is even more strong!!!! I have gone after a bad round of body aches, sinuses and vertigo. After 2 sessions, I was cleared up and 100% on the go. I’ve also gone when I’m not ill, and after about 20 minutes, I literally feel my whole head open up and I sleep amazing that night. They are also great for your skin. Once I had poison ivy so bad that my entire lower arm was blistered. I went in for a session and I rubbed the salt all over the poison ivy and it was gone in 2 days! 

    I’m obsessed! 

    There are natural salt caves around the world and the positive effects of salt were discovered when the people working in salt caves were not getting pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc... They “make” salt caves now and they are rooms of salt rocks and the natural Himalayan salt is blown into the room. We have an amazing one right here in Darien! This salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. They are being recommended by doctors to their patients at Yale New Haven, Sloan Kettering and Columbia. They help clear toxins and pollutants. EA

  • I Love this place!! I have read about salt caves helping with skin conditions and was a little skeptical about trying it for my psoriasis. I am so happy to say with only three sessions my psoriasis on my arms and legs have improved. C.S.

  • I had the pleasure of experiencing the Private Salt Cave. It was an incredible experience! And I was extremely relaxed during the experience. I feel more energized now. I am doing this again and again! And I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is looking to relax and recharge. The staff was very professional and attentive. I am so grateful for this experience. JP

  • #1 place for a intimate date. Just you and your significant other in the most solitary, peaceful place in CT. Not to mention all of the benefits that come with being surrounded, touching and breathing this beautiful pink Himalayan salt. Anything extra is all bounce. It’s a must do for the next date guys. ER

  • The Salt Cave experience was very positive and so relaxing for my husband and I. 
    His respiratory system has improved dramatically in just a few visits!
    The Salt Cave did for him what 3 weeks on antibiotics couldn't do.
    We are thrilled.  Thank you! PK

  • What an amazing experience! We had so much fun with our fun crew and will be back again soon! The music, lighting and waterfall created such a calming ambiance. And Ginny is awesome! Side bonus, my knee that was slightly aggravated is no longer hurting! Will be back soon! SBR

  • Absolutely loved the place!!! Beautiful atmosphere! Ever so welcoming! Planning to return with a group of friends for my birthday next month! 2 hour drive and would do it again tomorrow! Lovely gifts in the welcome area!!! Felt amazing while there and the rest of the evening and still feeling relaxed and chill the following day! EF

  • Beautiful place to come in and clear all the tension, stress, anxiety! What a perfect way to detox and unplug. I came there on my own first and it was most relaxing experience I've had in a long time, then brought our children who absolutely adore scooping the salts with sand toys & enjoy the magical lights on the ceiling:)) Perfect winter outing with a child especially during the cold/rainy weather:) The Salt Cave is just the best and the sound of the gorgeous Salt waterfall is so soothing!! What I love the most about coming to the Salt cave is that you get to take away so many health benefits from inhaling the Himalayan Salts, so great for children too to boost the immune system. Can't say enough good things about this place, the manager is very knowledgeable about the health benefits of Halotherapy, is very accommodating and polite! The place is always very clean. AD

  • Salt Cave of Darien is the best! Staff is great! Very welcoming and friendly. The sessions are so relaxing. It is an easy healthy choice to make. I love coming and will continue with my sessions for a long time. GA

  • Great place, felt very clean and safe in "these" times. Enjoyed the experience and really felt the positive effects of the salt for days. AM

  • Beautiful, calming, peaceful...I love everything about this place, including the amazing customer service. The massages in the salt room are absolutely wonderful, as are the yoga classes and the regular sessions; just sitting doing 'nothing' in that peaceful environment does wonders. VL

  • Wonderful staff and services! Totally relaxing atmosphere. I felt renewed when my session was finished and will definitely go back again. CM

  • This was my second visit to The Salt Cave in Darien. The entire experience was relaxing. The cave is soothing & relaxing. During this entire unsettling time, I am able to fully relax. I am looking forward to my next visit! CM

  • What a relief from the madness of the day! The salt cave is beautiful and clean. Add the reflexology and you are in an even more serene and relaxing space. Thank you for the respite. HG

  • So relaxing, you feel like you had a full body massage when you are done. All my stress is gone when I walk out. A must for everyone. JS

  • Very relaxing and felt great after. Great experience. Will definitely return! ES

  • Was a really cleansing experience, I feel a shift in perspective and I'm very well rested. Lovely space too. JB

  • A great relaxing atmosphere that is healthy for you. Very friendly staff and very informative. JH

  • I enjoyed my time there, found it very relaxing. Staff is definitely very professional and communicated very well on how to best enjoy the relaxation treatment. DR

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Helped COVID cough, allergies & inflammation


Client review on the benefits of salt therapy

Helped with sleep &
depression symptoms


Review: Client Jen

Helped relax &
to meditate


Client Review: Paul
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